Autumn holiday offer 14.10.-30.10.2022

27/09/2022 | News

In honor of the autumn holiday, Hotel Kuohu offers you tickets to the spa-like indoor swimming pool Kuohu. Tickets are valid for the duration of your stay and entitle you to one visit during your booking, please bring your tickets to the swimming pool and tell your room number and name at the counter.

Swim yourself in good shape, enjoy a refreshing cold pool, take a dip in the multipurpose pool, throw yourself into a slide or jump in a twist of three meters. Swimming pool Kuohu is also a great place for sauna and relaxation! A variety of pools and services can be found for many purposes. Opening hours and the autumn holiday program can be conveniently found at: Did you leave your swimsuit home? No worries, you can conveniently buy or rent a swimsuit from the swimming pool.

The people of Hotelli Kuohu wish you enjoyable swimming moments!

Swimming hall Kuohu

Kirkkojärventie 4, 36200 Kangasala